Google Tag Manager 

Digital marketers! Learn Google Tag Manager and how to set it up on your website or landing page application fast with easy to follow steps.

Google Tag Manager is a very efficient way to manage a lot of different pixel codes all in one place.

Google is trying very hard and been very successful to simplify how tags work and now you can manage all of your pixels and track things that you never thought were possible

An example of this may be tracking a button click or a thank you page. eCommerce is also another important use for Google tag manager.

The top 5 benefits of implementing Google Tag Manager.

  1. A very productive and safe and secure way of working with pixel tracking.
  2. It minimizes a lot of mistakes and errors, and it also gives you great flexibility.
  3. You can implement Google Tag manager yourself in a matter of minutes.
  4. It’s maintenance free, and it’s very simple to understand.
  5. There are very few limitations to what you can add into tag manager for tracking

Tag manager offers great security for your website or your landing pages.
Placing the container code on landing pages or websites eliminates the need for anyone to do anything else with code. This is a big benefit because it eliminates the need to give your site or application passwords to marketers or developers when tracking code needs changing.

Google Tag Manager also adds a layer of security.Google is monitoring containers for malicious code, malware and any type of injections that hackers may be trying to inject through tag manager. Tags are also reusable, that’ll save you time and development costs.

Testing and debugging
Debugging and testing features in Google tag manager are a great benefit as well. Testing tags before you deploy is a great feature for a live production site. You will never need to deploy to a live environment without testing first. Google Tag Manager gives you the ability to manage user permissions. An example might be the marketing department or a development team. With tag manager, you don’t have to give them access to all of the code. You can even restrict access their access certain areas in tag manager.

With Google tag manager you can keep your site properties safe and secure. If you are not using Tag manager I would recommend you do.

In this course, you will Learn how to create and install Google Tag Manager in WordPress or Unbounce landing pages

  • Setting up a Google tag manager account
  • Creating a tag container
  • Installing a tag container in WordPress
  • Adding Tags: Facebook Pixel, Custom Facebook event, Google Analytics
  • Installing Google tag manager globally in Unbounce
  • Creating a custom Facebook event on button press
  • Installing and using testing tool

By the end of this course you will be able to setup and create a google tag, implement it onto your website or landing page confidently and quickly.